A Book Club on the Yoga Mat.

Self-Study + Movement

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Not everyone has time to read personal development books let alone know how to apply what learning to life. Thoughtfully threading self-study with the practice of yoga, Heather Foat has creatively constructed classes to help people find their way through movement.

Set the tone of your day, unwind from it, or take a break in the middle, to breathe and come back to yourself. Vulnerability revealing her own life and observances, and using books, podcasts, and other stories to learn from, Liv4yoga presents "A Book Club on the Yoga Mat" with Heather Foat a more in-depth practice focused on meeting people wherever they are in life. 

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"Heather is so passionate about not only her yoga practice but a balanced educated life style. She incorporates journaling, books and personal stories into her classes. She is truly embracing a varied lifestyle for her students and helping them include education, life experiences and healthy habits into their daily lives." 

-Julie, yoga student  

"Thank you for all of your messages in class about life." 

-Susan, yoga student

Chair Yoga

Journey into present moment awareness with Heather Foat in this week's "Book Club on the Yoga Mat" as she shares Michael Brown's book, The Presence Process


"It was through Heather that I fell in love with yoga. Her "Book Club on the Yoga Mat" style of teaching, poured personal development into my heart as my body opened and strengthened on my mat. I was in love with getting better in all areas of my life. She sparked a flame in me." 

- 3-time Author, Christi Silbaugh

Yin Yoga

We can learn a lot from the animal musk deer who search its entire lifetime looking outside of itself for a scent they have within themselves.  

We as humans do this as well, we can spend a lifetime looking outside of ourselves for happiness. Ultimately you have to make the decision to focus your attention inward. Here's a quick yin yoga practice to help.


"Life is the real teacher, and your practice is in every moment." -J. Krishnamurti 

Take a 15-minute recess to get on your yoga mat and learn how to pay attention to what you're doing and how you're doing it so you can bring more awareness into your daily life. 

Referencing Breath by Breath by Larry Rosenburg. 

P.S. That is Heather's phone in the beginning making the noise it is about to die, not yours.  


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