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Video: The human mind

We can discover a lot from the interactions of ducks when they have a confrontation.  

Heather share's in this video Eckhart Tolle's 'A duck with a human mind,' from his book A New Earth. 

Video: A story to help you let go of the past

Check out this great video.

Video: Peace begins with me

A helpful meditation from Gabrielle Bernstein's book Miracles Now that you can do anywhere you are if you feel overwhelmed, frustrated or stressed.  

Video: Life is this moment

"One second, a dream and it's gone."

Heather shares the important reality that life is this moment heard in the documentary on Netflix, "The Architecture of Peace."   

Video: Does re-incarnation exist?

What does Gratitude mean to you? Is it a good thing? Does re-incarnation exist?

Channel 4 Smarter San Diego welcomes an inspiring discussion with Jeffrey Zlotnik Co-founder of the Dharma Bum Temple, Professional Trustee and Fiduciary Maruerite Lorenz, Siyamak Khorrami Ceo of Skyriver IT, and Mental & Behavioral Health Yoga Teacher Heather Foat at the Spiritual Round Table!


Video: Pause & breathe

Anything that needs to be done can get done better when you approach it in a relaxed state, so take a moment to pause. It will not only benefit you, and what you are doing but all those around you.   

Video: Happiness is within, but how do you find it?

Heather shares three factors that seem to have influence over happiness according to psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky. Ultimately, it's your decision to turn your attention inward. 

Video: ESPN 1700 AM Women's Power Hour guest

Learn more about Heather Foat from her appearance on Women's Power Hour Real Talk San Diego ESPN 1700 AM.

Video: Let go

What baggage are you carrying?

Video: The Breath

The breathe is the most important relationship of our life and yet the one that is neglected the most. 

Heather share's with you one of her favorite stories from Larry Rosenberg's book Breath by Breath in hopes that you understand not only its importance, but that you develop a relationship with it to help your life. 

Video: The benefits of play

Inspired by a TED talk called "Press Play."  

Nurses of hospice report the dying share with them that they wish they hadn't worked so hard.  They wish they had been better at staying in touch with friends and let themselves to be happier. Heather shares cliff notes from the talk about the benefits of play.

Video: Is there a God or no God?

Host Derrick Evens of Smarter San Diego TV brings together guests psychiatry professor Tahir Bhatti, meditation coach Ayesha Suneja, Rabbi Josh Burrows, and yoga instructor Heather Foat to give profound insight on life's biggest questions. 

Video: A meditation in motion

Stress to some level is experienced every day and too much stress leads to health problems. Find time for yourself today to slow down your heart rate, decrease your blood pressure and do something that benefits your overall well being: MEDITATION. 

A meditation in motion challenge. 

Video: What kind of listener are you?

In 2010, Heather learned in yoga teacher training the different types of listeners and thus prompted the inquire of what type of listener she was and wanted to become. She shares in this video what she learned in hopes that we all can become more empathetic listeners. 

Video: Self-compassion in practice

Here are some ways Heather tries to get out of her own way and approaches life lighter.