A disclaimer of responsibility.  Please know your physical limitations. 

We all do it, we live in the head, but this practice is about getting to know your body which is always present.  There's a saying that, "where your attention is, you are," so your body may be present; however you are not. 




Feel the sensations in your body with curiosity and get better at responding to your body in the NOW.  

(I apologize for the audio as I work out how to properly take you along with me into my classes). 

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A 10-Minute Meditation

Have you been feeling overwhelmed? Stressed? Anxious? Burnt out? This podcast is a guided meditation to help provide you tools to alleviate stress. 

Yin yoga (Relaxing)

Yin Yoga

To help me share with adults the awareness of the existing "rocks" we carry inside of ourselves, I bring to the yoga practice,  A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

Gentle (Prenatal welcome)

Gentle Flow

Gratitude. Yes, the encouragement to pause to be reminded of the magic happening around and through you. 

Introducing Sarah Ban Breathnach's book Simple Abundance and The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.

Power Vinyasa (Athletic)

Power Vinyasa

Learn to live life without stress, fear and melodrama.  This podcast features readings from Michael A. Singer's book The Untethered Soul and a story from Echkart Tolle's A New Earth

Elevate stress, feel from within your body and explore personal development shifting consciously from mind to being. 

Gentle (Prenatal welcome)

Gentle Flow

Observing the world of your mind.

Yin Yoga (Relaxing)

Yin Yoga

The Joy Within by Goldstein and Soares has been an amazing read to inspire meditation. This podcast explores the chapter on "The Power of Sound" particularly as it relates to words and coming into the present moment.