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A yoga teacher encouraging people to LIV their best lives while doing her best to do the same. 

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HEATHER FOAT is a San Diego yoga instructor whose main intention as a teacher of yoga is to be apart of encouraging the practice to become a prescription to help every-body.

Since becoming certified in 2010 at Zuda Yoga, Sacramento, CA, Heather has taught not only in yoga studios, but in recovery programs, The Men's Salvation Army and Community Addiction and Recovery Association. She's served as an Ambassador for Yoga Across America, a non-profit that brought yoga to underserved communities and high schools throughout the country and currently her passion resides with yoga in the hospital.  Heather is at UCSD Hospital in the Psychiatric Ward and Senior Behavioral Unit as well as off-site long-term care, Crestwood Behavioral Health , Inc.,  helping patients that are suicidal, depressed, anxious and suffering from mental illness. 

"I'm grateful for the experiences I've gathered these past years and essentially my whole life helping those facing challenges physically and mentally because I feel like I can really help these people.  I can assess the best way to approach and get patients involved in the practice, but beyond that, I create a safe space for genuine connection."  

Growing up, Heather was raised helping women in crisis along side her mom's non-profit Chicks in Crisis, Inc., helping women with unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. It has come as no surprise that Heather has found a profession that enables her to help others, her way.   


She teaches an array of styles: gentle yoga, power vinyasa, chair yoga, yin and prenatal. She serves diverse populations including yoga studios, corporate offices, churches and mental health facilities creating an experience for personal life change. 


  • Channel 4, Smarter San Diego 
  • News 8 CW
  • ESPN 1700 AM Women's Power Hour 
  • Foreword contributor to Nourish: the beginners guide to staying healthy and fit by Christi Silbaugh. 
  • San Diego Yoga Festival 2017 teacher, Ocean Beach,
  • Presenter at Taking Control of your Diabetes Conference 
  • Association for Surgical Education Medical Conference 

"I wonder what teaching the breath to the anxious will do. 

I wonder what the practice of awareness, self-worth, learning to relax and compassion will do for our neighborhoods, marriages, parenting and relationships. 

This is what motivates my teaching... 

the wonder of what could happen if we LIV 4 yoga off the mat and collectively are the change we wish to see."  


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