“You inspire me and are teaching me about an inner capacity that I never knew existed or how to get access to. I truly do love my yoga practice with you.  Honestly, I can’t thank you enough. I am also starting to finally recognise my role in this journey to wholeness, and I do appreciate you reminding me of it. I feel so comfortable around you. Your knowledge, skills, and understanding blow me away.” -Trauma-Informed Yoga student 

“Heather is one of the best teachers I’ve had.  Her classes are peppered with storytelling and wisdom and always resonate in a positive way.  Heather herself is like a delightful, warm, welcoming hug.  Grateful for her classes.”-Roz, review on Mind Body Online

“It was exceptional, Heather was an amazing teacher and the meditation was out of this world. The poetry and quotes were so timely and poignant. The 90 minutes went so fast it was simply divine.”-Alyce, review on Mind Body Online

“I frigging LOVE your book club on the mat yoga goodness!!! Please continue being the incredible teacher that you are and creating these amazing spaces for people to surrender into their bodies and the beautiful wisdom that you share.” -Natalie, yoga student

“In the short time I’ve known you you’ve touched my soul in ways that no other has!” -Megan, yoga student  

This workshop ended up being such a huge game changer for me. It was one of those moments where you realize you are EXACTLY where you need to be. I walked away from the class feeling inspired…” -Jameela, workshop attendee

“I appreciate you so much for mentoring her.  She has been in therapy for the last year and the sessions she is having with you have helped her way more.” -Anonymous, online yoga student parent

Something happened to me in your class that honestly changed me, and I feel like a different person today. I feel like my heart might accept that it is now time to heal. It sounds ridiculous from one yoga class but it just seems like the world is a different place today. I will be back to your classes! You have changed my life! ” -Ali, yoga student 

“Meet Heather our Loftie yogi fairy sharing stories and creating dances to take all the Lofties on magical yoga journeys each and every class she teaches! Expect a grounded practice deeply rooted in storytelling, flowing movement and philosophy.” -Yoga Loft Newcastle 

Beautiful as always.” -Kacy, yoga student

“Thank you for such an amazing workshop. It was SO powerful and healing!!! I am not usually a Zoom fan, but you connected beautifully on there and it was really nice to do that work at home with your guidance. I have been singing your praises to everyone.” -Kylie, Hero’s Journey, online journal + yoga workshop participant

“It was really so, so fabulous…I am still parked revelling in the yumminess of it all.”-Mel, journal + yoga workshop participant 

Journal & Yoga Workshop

“Heather has a delightful way of guiding you through class so that you feel comfortable to explore your thresholds in safety. Her kind nurturing voice and wisdom seal the practice leaving you feeling ready to seize the day!” -Alex, Mind-Body Online review

“Your classes changed my life! Your stories always spoke to my soul, almost like you knew exactly what the class needed every session! You are such an amazing writer and story teller, supporting all of your yogi students with love, compassion and without judgment. I will always remember that about you and am so thankful that I found your class.”-Kristin, yoga student  

“Our community culture here has changed for the better in so many positive ways with patients and their families as well as staff and their families as well. You spend time with each individual, allowing them to be heard, seen as well as loved and understood even if for just a moment from one person.  That is what you do and the effect of you, your energy, your words, your wisdom and teachings, they reverberate well past after you leave us for the day. You are an amazing person who changes our world by way of your yoga teachings, your therapeutic use of self, your music, your knowledge, your love, and light spirit, and your understanding/willingness to transform others as you have transformed yourself.  You are not only a yoga teacher but also a life coach. Personally, I went through my toughest losses and some of my toughest times over the past several years. And personally, I am so grateful to have had you in my life to see me, love me, understand me, and encourage me through those times.” –David, Registered Nurse UCSD In-patient Psychiatric Unit (NBMU)

“Class was seriously uplifting and so rewarding. Heather Foat, you are seriously an angel and a blessing. Definitely was more than a yoga class almost like therapy. I can’t tell you how many times I felt joy and a release of emotion.” -Monica, yoga student, NYE Event

“I just want to say how much I am enjoying your classes at the moment.  The words you speak are so meaningful to me right now and I am so grateful to have such an intuitive and soulful yoga teacher here in Newcastle.” -Lauren, yoga student 

“Dropped into Pura Vida for a Monday morning Gentle class with Heather. Just what I needed…Heather is clearly a well-trained instructor, attentive to each student’s needs. Really enjoyed the class.” -Donna, YELP Review

“Thanks for all you’ve done for my broken down body.” -Kevin, yoga student

The Hero’s Journey Workshop had a profound effect on me. It was timely and gave me the space and opportunity to reflect and go deep within enabling me to face my fears and draft a plan to move forward and excel; I am the hero of my own life and journey. Your thoughtful guidance, gentle encouragement, and skill at leading us through the postures and providing the prompts for our journal writing made for an introspective and blissful journey. Thank you so much.” Nicky, online journal + yoga workshop participant

“I had come to a writing manifestation block.  All of the questions during our yin practice with the journal by our side helped me open up to my inner guidance, my soul’s calling, and joy.  Thank you!” -Melissa, online journal + yoga workshop

“You are such an inspiration & so caring & thoughtful with all the gals. Every session.” -Kath, yoga student

“As a registered nurse at UC San Diego Hospital, I am so impressed with the work you have done with the patients. Not only have you helped them learn important life skills but you have also helped the staff learn stress management techniques. You are an important part of their therapy. Thank you!” -Heather, Registered Nurse UCSD In-patient Psychiatric Unit (NBMU) 

I never felt such acceptance, & comfort taking any type of class before, because of my social anxiety. Which is so extreme…You have an incredible way to make a new student or a seasoned student feel like  “they are special” doesn’t matter, how experienced you are. (I only knew, you so shortly). At, my old age of 60, here is this beautiful, young soul, with the most brilliant smile, with the enthusiasm of 4 people and with the deep wisdom of someone who has lived many lives..showing me the path, I have searched for all my life, and still looking for just a small piece of……’ inner peace.’ You left such an imprint here.” -Barbara, yoga student

“I want to thank you for being there for us and for teaching us how to be a better version of ourselves through our practices. It was wonderful knowing you and learning from you in many ways. I feel grateful I had the opportunity to be part of your classes.” -Evelyn, yoga student

“You will leave her class sweating and feeling like you have been cleansed of all negative energy.” -Karen, yoga student

“Heather is a fabulous yoga teacher; open, nonjudgmental, and full of wisdom.  She has changed my life and I will always be grateful for her and for the power of yoga.” -Elaine, yoga student

“We just love your style that allows the ego to be dropped and allows the fun ‘human-ing’ side of yoga to shine through.” -Lauren, Beer + Yoga  

Beer + Yoga at The Station, Newcastle

“Your online yoga classes have helped me tremendously during the continuing COVID lockdown. The last few months I have been attempting to work out of the bedroom and do distance learning with 3 elementary-aged kids. I appreciate you.” -Shelene, online yoga student

“Your yoga classes have inspired and helped me enormously, thank you.  You are such a gift to yoga, and the world.” -Sarah, online yoga student

“Thank you Heather- I just love how you guided me gently so that I could get a greater sense of clarity for my ‘next life phase.’ You have such a gift in this area and I believe you are a true healer.  I love your work.” -Wendy, journal + yoga workshop participant

“Heather’s classes are always amazing. The yin class is suitable for people new to yoga as well as experienced yogis. I like that the class provides time and space to practice mindfulness and yoga as well as listening to Heather’s insights.” -Anne-Marie, yoga student

“Beautiful. Heather is wonderful.” -Giorgia, Mind-Body Online review

“Sensational start to the day.”-Gregg, Mind-Body Online review

“I love this prenatal yoga class run by Heather. She guides the practice in such a calm and gentle way. I always feel relaxed when I leave. Heather weaves in amazing mindfulness thoughts and stories each week into the practice which really creates a welcoming and positive atmosphere for all.” -Jennifer, prenatal yoga student

“Heather is a wonderful person with great energy and powerful voice; a true professional and at the same time very personable. The weekly classes are never the same and Heather makes the effort to cater sessions to specific issues/stressors/aches that we might have.” -Mynor, corporate yoga

“Heather Foat’s classes feel like a giant hug.” -Zeli, yoga student 

“Sensational start to the day, thank you, Heather.” -Gregg, Yoga Loft MBO review 

“I have been taking yoga from Heather for the past three years at San Diego Tennis and Racquet Club.  I am a tried and true Iyengar student and was reluctant to try a new style of yoga.  What I have found with Heather’s style is a blend of flow, Iyengar poses, and a true all-over body workout.  We begin with a gentle welcome to the yoga community and wake up our muscles slowly, then BAM!  We are in intense standing poses holding the pose and feeling our bodies respond.  All the while, music is luring us into the present and a peaceful state.  Heather shares exerts from various books she is studying while we are holding poses and winding down, it gives me the chance to reflect on my inner self and look at life from a different perspective.  By the time our 90-minute class is over, I am awake, all muscles are stimulated and my brain is calm and receptive to the new day.” -Leigh, yoga student

“Before I began doing yoga I was a lot more judgmental of others and was quick to make an assumption of someone.  Now I think of others as just other human beings who are living in the same world as I am and I think before I act.  I also was physically not as stretched out and flexible.  When I do yoga I feel as if I’m just floating on air.  I feel happy and beautiful in my own skin. After yoga, I feel more relaxed and stretched out.  I feel tired in a good way and I also feel I’m kinder to others after yoga. I am beautiful.” –Emma, age 11

“You made a lasting impression on me and thank you for that.” -Teri, yoga student 

“I am so thankful to have been introduced to “The Hero’s Journey” – opportunistically during the isolation period of Covid-19 lockdown. The Hero’s Journey is a well-planned and thoughtfully delivered invitation to identify, analyse and build from what we have learned from our own significant life events. As a 60 year old female experienced in both yoga and journaling, I would encourage others to enjoy the opportunity to experience this fusion of journaling and yin yoga led by the beautiful Heather.” -Mel, online journal + yoga workshop participant

“When you are ready, a teacher appears. Thank you Heather for being the right teacher, at the right time.”-Christi Silbaugh, 3-Time Published Author, yoga student 

Before yoga I could barely move when I woke up in the mornings. During yoga I can feel parts of my body waking up with the stretching and pulling on parts of myself that haven’t been used in many years and it hurts, but as the class progresses I can feel things start to get blood flow that haven’t been asked to work for me in a long time.  Since yoga I feel a little younger, and I find it is a little easier to get up each day and it doesn’t take as long to get moving, so in that I am grateful.  It seems to be some kind of fountain of youth.”  -Gerard, Community Addiction Recovery Association (CARA), yoga student 

“Heather is a beautiful soul. So open and welcoming to myself and my daughters. Beer yoga, what a way to join a community. It piqued my interest as I enjoy beer and I like yoga. Her classes are relaxed in nature yet deeply relaxing. I can’t make it as often as I’d like but when I do it’s such a joy. Thanks Heather I’m glad I met you.” -Rebecca, Beer + Yoga 

“Always a great class, Heather inspires us to think and reflectShe is calm, thoughtful, and confident.  The perfect way to start the day! Thanks so much!” -Gay, yoga student

“It has been a true honor to practice yoga with one of the most selfless, compassionate, inspiring, beautiful, hilarious, endearing, joyful, grateful, cheerful, intelligent yogi and life teachers, I have ever met!! Heather THANK YOU for your time spent with us at Hapa! You are by far one of the greatest teachers to ever cross my path in life.  In the short time, I’ve known you you’ve touched my soul in ways that no other has! Your story and journey have been a complete inspiration to me and so many others. Thank you for all you do in this world. You are truly a gift from the universe.” -Megan, yoga student

Heather’s yoga classes are deeply nourishing, safe, and inspiring. I have never enjoyed yoga until I happened to discover beautiful Heather at the Self Care Sisterhood in Hamilton. I always felt that yoga people were spiritually smug with their green smoothies and tight tights! I have had a hugely stressful year this year and Heather has helped me regulate my central nervous system and my emotions, by being an outstanding teacher and human being, who reads us divine poetry during classes and has helped me to let go of stress and worry. Thank you glorious Heather!” -Martina, yoga student

“You will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for being a comfort during a rough patch in my life, even if you were unaware of it. You have a beautiful spirit, and I’m so grateful our paths crossed for a moment.”-Diantha, yoga student

“Heather’s happiness and wisdom touches all she meets.  She greets us with love and kindness always and all ways.” -Michelle, yoga student  

“This time last year I went to a yin yoga workshop held by @heatherfoat I really wasn’t sure what to expect. THIRTY was knocking at my door and I was at a weird transitional point in my life and it was so close to New Years so that fueled the fire within me to seriously ask myself, “What’s the next step?” This workshop ended up being such a huge game-changer for me. It was one of those moments where you realize you are EXACTLY where you need to be. I walked away from the class feeling inspired to dive deeper into my practice and pursue teacher training. “-Jameela, workshop attendee

“Heather is skilled at connecting with the people we serve and has a client-centered approach in her classes.  She meets them where they are at with appropriate yoga exercises.” -Jill, Director of Recreation and Activities, Crestwood Behavioral Health

Without yoga…I felt negative, always mad at people.  With yoga…happy, friendly, positive, helping others, eating healthy, and loving to others.  After yoga…hungry, happy, relaxed, and laid back.  I am beautiful, I am peace, I am light, I am amazing.” –Emily, age 9, Girls Urban Yoga Academy, yoga student

Teen Yoga, Redhead, Australia

“Heather’s synergistic approach of various styles of yoga with mindful meditation provides a reprieve from the bustle of busy workdays. Her classes always inspire introspection and thoughtful reflection which continues throughout my week.” -Raven, corporate yoga student

Before yoga, I felt…like I would never be involved in a yoga class.  During yoga, I felt…kinda awkward but I just went with it.  After yoga, I felt…like I was lucky to have participated in the yoga experience.” -Jesse, Community Addiction Recovery Association yoga student

“Heather’s chair yoga has helped me a lot. I was homeless sitting outdoors and I incorporated yoga into my routine while thinking of my next thing to go do be it eat or finding more ways to survive. I fit into my surroundings better in the park and gained health.” -UCSD Hospital re-admitted psychiatric patient, Michael, yoga student

“It was through Heather that I fell in love with yoga. Her “Book Club on the Yoga Mat” style of teaching, poured personal development into my heart as my body opened and strengthened on my mat. I was in love with getting better in all areas of my life. She sparked a flame in me. I enrolled in 200-hour teacher training as I was on my path of awakening and graduated to go continue spreading the love and light she awakened in me. When you are ready, a teacher appears. Thank you Heather for being the right teacher, at the right time.” -Christi Silbaugh, 3-Time Published Author, yoga student

“I have been taking classes from Heather in San Diego for four years. She is a wonderful teacher. I consistently attend her classes on an average of twice a week over a four-year period. Heather is so passionate about not only her yoga practice but a balanced educated lifestyle. She incorporates journaling, books, and personal stories into her classes. She is truly embracing a varied lifestyle for her students and helping them include education, life experiences, and healthy habits in their daily lives. As someone who takes multiple classes a week, Heather does a wonderful job of keeping the classes varied with different sequences, poses, and themes each day. She has quite a following of students who consistently come each week to her classes.” -Julie, yoga student

“I am a nurse at UCSD on the psychiatric unit where I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Heather.  She has led yoga classes with our patients on a regular basis.  I was so impressed with Heather from the moment I met her.  She is the type of person who lights up a room from the moment they enter.  She has a peaceful, loving demeanor that attracts others to her. Our patients are so receptive to her and often express how much they benefit from their yoga sessions with her.  I have witnessed their anxiety significantly decrease and their ability to sleep improve after their session with her.” -Melissa, RN UCSD Hospital 

“I started going to Hapa when I was pregnant. I took my prenatal yoga with Heather & it was awesome! She is an amazing teacher that really fosters such a special bond between you & baby throughout the practice.” -Heather, Yelp Review

“POWER: “ability to do or act” …There are many other clarifying definitions in the dictionary, but none more fitting to the particular style of Yoga you will receive by practicing with Heather. I started practicing yoga at a difficult stage in my life, and one of the instrumental teachers I’ve had has been Heather. She will guide you through a demanding practice, while at the same time send your mind and heart on a voyage of transformation.” -Aldolfo, yoga student 

“It is an honor and privilege to let you know that Heather is an inspirational, heartfelt teacher.  She is an old soul who touches everyone she teaches to in a very individual, loving way.  I am a 67-year-old woman who has been practicing yoga since I was 12 (on and off!). Heather brings it all together on the mat every time in the most moving way.  Heather is a teacher’s teacher. “-Andi, yoga student

“I cannot explain the difference in my life since I began Yoga in January of 2014.  My father had just passed away and I needed to heal my broken heart.  The love and community you have built in San Diego is far beyond comprehension and belief.  You embraced me into the yoga community, even though my practice was so dusty and full of cobwebs.  You have gently pushed me further than I would ever believe this grandmother of four could bend, twist, or relax into savasana.  It is with pure love for you as a person and Yoga instructor that I return to Pura Vida Yoga every Monday and Wednesday to partake in your classes.  You have the ability to draw people towards you, like a ray of light.  I am so grateful you are in my life, I feel as if my heart has a place to go when I am practicing with you.” -Helene, yoga student 

Crestwood serves adults with mental health needs in a long term inpatient setting:

“Heather is passionate about what she does and delivers her teaching in a very loving and compassionate way. She is engaging and able to meet the individual student where he or she is at. At times our clients present special challenges and it can be difficult to get them involved in activities we offer. However, Heather gently encourages many residents into her classes and they leave with healthier minds and bodies. Her enthusiasm results in students returning to her classes. Heather gently urges these returning people to go a little further each time to work on their fitness and spirituality. ” -Jill, Activity Director at Crestwood Behavioral

Participants at Crestwood Behavioral Health, Mental Health Services in San Diego:

“Heather is a great person. She moves and grooves and teaches a great class. She makes me laugh and smile. The classes make me feel happy.”

“Heather is very nice and has a really nice singing voice. I like when she sings for us in class.”

“Her classes soothe my brain, heart, and soul.”

“I thought Heather had much experience and her classes were always enjoyable and well lead. They made me feel more relaxed.”

“When I started getting back into yoga, I was going for a little stretch and exercise.  I was going through a difficult time and needed gentle movement.  I went to Heather’s class that became more of a life changing experience.  Every time I went, I got to know my mind, body and soul a little bit better.  Her class gave me peace and freedom as I felt like I was dancing through her yoga flow.  It gave me one hour to escape life’s chaos that waited for me off my mat. But when I got off my mat, her practice and lessons stayed with me.  Heather’s words brought me back to my body and breathe during difficult times.  Her yoga practice changed my life and I will forever be grateful.” -Gina, yoga student

“Thank you for getting my heart into yoga.  I haven’t met an instructor as lovely and graceful as you teach.”-LaMonica, yoga student

“Just started going to Gentle yoga with Heather and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to meet her and learn from her.” -Anonymous, yoga student 

“Just completed a power yoga 90 with Heather Foat. You have to experience it to believe it. It’s not just the workout, the flow into and out of poses but the way she delivers the practice. One session and you will be hooked!” -Ian, yoga student

“You have been a constant light in our world.  We have been very blessed to have you guide us…Please know we all love you and are grateful for your care and attention always.” -ASPM Property Management, corporate yoga

“Thank you very much for introducing me to yoga! I definitely feel better, stronger, and wiser.  I love your openness and wisdom and kind thoughts.” -Nicole, yoga student

“Heather’s yoga classes always leave me feeling calm and blissful. I love the mindfulness exercises Heather weaves into her yoga classes and I find myself using them in everyday life to stay centered.” -Lauren, Beer + Yoga

Your sincere love comes through in class, and it reminded me of the kindness in the world at a very sensitive time in my life. I’m grateful for your inspiration.” -Diantha, yoga student

“My darling Heather,
I cannot explain the difference in my life since I began Yoga in January of 2014.  My father had just passed away and I needed to heal my broken heart.  The love and community you have built-in San Diego are far beyond comprehension and belief.  You embraced me into the yoga community, even though my practice was so dusty and full of cobwebs.  You have gently pushed me further than I would ever believe this grandmother of four could bend, twist, or relax into savasana.  It is with pure love for you as a person and Yoga instructor that I return to Pura Vida Yoga every Monday and Wednesday to partake in your classes.  You have the ability to draw people towards you, like a ray of light.  I am so grateful you are in my life, I feel as if my heart has a place to go when I am practicing with you.” -–Helene, yoga student

“I have never done yoga before and was nervous that I would not be able to keep up with others in my class. I also never realized that it is a complete mind/body experience.  Heather is such a patient and thoughtful instructor.  She ensures we are breathing through our resistance and uses a tender, hands-on technique to encourage and push us further.  Each class is designed around a daily affirmation that Heather references from many wonderful sources.  I am so glad she was my first teacher.” -Tiffany, corporate yoga

“Heather Foat is an inspiring yoga instructor. She exudes calm vibrant energy on and off of the mat. I appreciate her love and attention to her kindred spirits. Ya, she rocks!” -Rhonda, participant of a private yoga event